Personal Surveillance


Uncover the truth behind WorkCover and insurance claims, cheating partners and what your staff really get up to when you’re not around. With our North Queensland surveillance services, all claims and investigations are carried out legally, professionally and discreetly so that people aren’t aware their activities are being monitored. Our aim is to help you gather the information you need to put things right; and make it clear to others that if you do the wrong thing, you will get caught.


Surveillance operations

Do you suspect a partner of cheating? Need to gather evidence for child custody matters? Suspect wrong doing (eg vandalism or theft) near your home or business? Our North Queensland surveillance services are called on for all manner of issues that require a professional to observe, record and document a set of circumstances. We can monitor homes, businesses, remote locations, partners, family and assets to report what’s going on while you’re away.

Security guard personnel

Hire licenced security for your next event or to protect your business. Our North Queensland surveillance services include:

  • Experienced, licenced security guards for static patrols
  • CCTV monitoring services
  • Cash in transit (unarmed)
  • Crowd control services



Infidelity cases

We understand that it’s not easy to ask for help when you suspect your partner of cheating. That’s why our North Queensland surveillance services are handled with upmost discretion and professionalism. We always act within the law and you can be sure that the person will not be aware of the surveillance while we gather date stamped photo or video evidence and provide a detailed report that can be used to support any settlements or legal cases.

Find a missing person

When you need to find a person or belonging that’s gone missing – you need a professional to help. Our leading North Queensland surveillance services team is experience in discovering information about missing people, potential suspects, debtors and more. We can also use tracking techniques to find missing assets. Contact us to find out more.