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Workplace investigations including WorkCover

Suspect someone of making a fraudulent claim under WorkCover?

Unfortunately, many people try to abuse the system. NM Investigative Services conducts WorkCover investigations on behalf of WorkCover Queensland and employers who suspect people are making false claims. Our service can help you reduce claims and expenses for staff trying to make fake or exaggerated WorkCover claims. Suspect something isn’t right? Read more about our WorkCover investigative services.


When you need to get the facts, fast

The need for investigations is more common than many people think. In fact, investigations are a practical and often necessary step to safeguard businesses, employees and individuals from wrong doing. If you need to protect yourself from someone who is trying to harm you personally or in business – the first step in any legal obligation to try to establish the relevant facts. NM Investigative Services can investigate alleged incidents and establish the facts, fast. Read more about our Private Surveillance services.


Professional surveillance services

We provide professional investigations and security services to government, private individuals and businesses. NM Investigative Services’ highly trained staff are very discrete. You can talk to us about your concerns first and we will advise on which services you may need. All our surveillance operations and factual investigations use modern and practical techniques. All work is conducted legally and ethically, so that we can deliver reports and findings you can use to achieve the results you need. Find out more about us.

Professional intelligence services you can trust

NM Investigative Services has helped many businesses deal with serious incidents involving allegations of fraud, theft, harassment, safety breaches and damage or misuse of company property. Our thorough, professional investigations that have helped many businesses facing tribunal or court proceedings. We also conduct regular drug and alcohol screening for clients in high risk, high stress industries including mining, aviation and transport where safety is a priority. Contact us to enquire today.